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All you need to know before your travel to South Africa
  • Malpepo - South Africa

What to do? 

We at Malpepo are experts in creating the perfect hunting trip. With our experience and knowledge, we can compose the ideal hunting trip that meets your wishes and presence. 

All you need to do is to take the first step. 

Contacts us and let us know your wishes. Afterward, we will contact you and together create the perfect trip for you. 


There are no requirements of vaccines, however, there needs to be taking some precaution for the COVID-.19. According to Staten Serums institute, it is recommended to have the following vaccination before going to South Africa: 

  • Tetanus vaccine 
  • Hepatitis A 
  • Yellow fever 

You can read more about the vaccines here: 

On the farm, we have both emergency treatment and a defibrillator available. Moreover, 50 km from the farm are more advance medical facilities also available. 


Passport and Visa: 

  • When visiting the farm less than 90 days, will you as a Danish citizen not need a visa. 
  • When traveling to South Africa, you need to remember that your passport needs to be valid, to at least 30 days after your return. 



We take any precautions and, we do anything to protect you from any accidents, illness, etc. However, it is important before going to South Africa, that you make sure to create a travel and health assurance. 


Import permission of own weapons 

If you want to bring your weapon, you need to contact the fly company to apply for it, no later than 30 days before the departure. 


Moreover, you need to download, print, and fill out the SAPS 520 formula, which is made by the South African Police Service. You need to bring the formula, where it will be signed in the airport in Johannesburg. 


If you like, we can help you with the application and the review of the duty. 

Tours and excursions

South Africa is a land of opportunities and it offers a wide selection of fantastic experiences. Are you into action and adrenalin? South Africa offers both bungy jumping, helicopter flying and whale safari. But if you are into more calming and relaxing experiences, we would like to recommend a trip to Cape Town or one of the many fantastic wine yards in the area of Eastern Cape.

Hall of Fame

See all the great and fantastic trophies that our guests have acquired at their stay at Malpepo. We are proud to say, that 80% of the trophies from Malpepo Safaries have been in the medal class.

Meet the team behind Malpepo

The team behind our family business Malpepo Safaris does not only offer great hunting experiences and safaris with luxurious accomodation but a very personalized and dedicated service that is second to none. We are professional hunters certified by the SA government and have many years of experience.

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